You Haven’t Seen a Wood Stove Like This Before – SKYEMAC Wood Burning Stove Review

Survival Gear
In this episode, Luke is reviewing the unusual SKYEMAC Wood Burning Stove.

Does SKYEMAC have a hit on their hands or does this stove need some work?

After months of testing, this is TOGR’s Agenda Free Review of a very interesting and lightweight wood burning stove.

Did I mention that this stove is HUGE?

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Skyemac Review :

Included :
Storage Bag
Stove – 5 Panels and 2 support bars
Hemp ropes fire starter
Pocket bellow

Dimensions Folded :

Dimensions Set Up : 9.1”L x 5.1”W x 6.3”H

Materials : Stainless Steel

Weight : 1.2lbs

Price : $30

Versions : The company does have a small version of this stove for $25.

Summary :
Overall I like this stove as it offers dual functionality – cook and heating AKA Fire Pit.

This will be a good stove for those who like to burn wood and want a larger stove to work with. This is made for large pots, big pans and would be great for larger groups. Before purchasing this stove, I would ask yourself whether or not you need the size as it is large. Do you want to use it as a fire pit?

Again, I feel the need to say this – if you use this stove straight on the ground it is a hazard! A fire hazard so use it wisely and smartly. A friend of mine had an experience with a different but similar stove as this a few years ago, he did a test fire of his stove, on the ground where the base of the burner plate was too close to the soil. What he didn’t see after cleaning the surface of all debris was that there was a large stump underneath the surface of the soil which ignited. Hours after he was done with the stove and had gone inside, his girlfriend comes home to plumes of smoke rising into the air.

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