Daily murders matter as much as mass shootings (Opinion)

Gun Rights

However, I have some concerns on presentation, content and balance. While I understand the media’s preoccupation with mass shootings, I feel that it minimizes the daily murders that also happen and that result in many more deaths than any mass shooting. How about putting some additional emphasis on that statistic? These murders should never be accepted as normal.

Also, why can’t the Chronicle shine a little light on the very significant problem of felons in possession of a firearm being given bonds and then committing additional crimes, including murder with unlawfully obtained firearms?

Richard Patyrak, Missouri City

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‘Illegal immigrant’ label

Regarding “Ted Cruz, John Cornyn join Texas Republicans in blaming Cleveland killings on illegal immigration,” (May 1): Gov. Greg Abbott, Ted Cruz and others in the Republican Party are trying to blame the tragedy in San Jacinto County on “illegal immigrants” in general and Joe Biden’s border policies specifically. They hope everyone will forget that the shooter was deported four times, twice in 2009, then in January 2012 and again in July 2016.

The police were called to the home over complaints of similar bursts of gunfire several times. They allegedly did nothing. Somehow, I get the idea that Biden’s immigration policies had nothing to do with it. 

Meanwhile, despite Republican repetition of their “open border” lies, the border is crawling with Border Patrol agents, the Biden administration’s immigration policies have correlated with a drop in encounters, and Republicans continue refusing to work with Democrats to offer legislation that addresses immigration.

Bruce Ellis, Houston

Regarding “Abbott’s Cleveland shooting response breaks my heart (Opinion),” (May 1): I am amazed at the level of naïveté shown by Jerry Poscovsky and Jacqueline Clark in attacking Abbott and others who use the term “illegal immigrants,” which applies to the millions of people that Biden has let in and continues to let in. Do Jerry and Jacqueline think these people should be called “citizens” or “legal immigrants?” The people coming across our border are neither. The Chronicle is correct in differentiating between people who enter this country legally and follow the laws and those who don’t. There is a huge lack of common sense among too many Americans today when it comes to our national security, including a secure border.

Eric Johnson, Houston

Abbott’s response

Regarding “Cleveland victims deserve more than Abbott’s ‘illegal immigrant’ label (Editorial),” (May 1): Once again in Texas, we are confronted by a horrifying and senseless killing of innocent victims with military-style weapons. Five family members were killed in their own home for having the temerity to ask a neighbor to stop shooting his gun late at night. They tried to appeal to his humanity by telling him that his gunfire was waking their sleeping baby. The neighbor, showing his complete lack of humanity, invaded their home with an AR-15 and promptly executed four people, including the baby’s mother, and sent an 9-year-old boy to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Two women sacrificed their own lives to save the lives of two other small children. 

In abysmal and inhumane fashion, Greg Abbott, our governor, called the five innocent victims “illegal immigrants,” denigrating their humanity and that of their surviving family members.

This act follows his continuing cowardice in the face of the NRA and GOP extremists after the horrifying Uvalde elementary school shooting. Abbott continues to refuse commonsense gun regulations such as red flag laws, background checks and an age restriction of 21 to purchase this often misused military-style weapon.

Resign, Greg Abbott. You are morally unfit for the job of the governor of Texas. 

Kathryn Aguilar, La Porte

The de-evolution of Abbott is only getting worse. For years, he has embarrassed himself by pandering to Tucker Carlson, Fox News and Donald Trump supporters. Abbott was once a courteous, well-liked Harris County state district judge. His elevation by then-Gov. George W. Bush to the Texas Supreme Court heralded a new chapter for Abbott as he proved to be an enthusiastic pawn for big business and insurance companies. 

As Texas attorney general, Abbott showed time and again that he wasn’t above filing frivolous lawsuits against the federal government to score political points with Obama-hating Texas Republicans. Anyone who has watched his descent into the depths of MAGA world knows that no matter the amount of carnage, suffering and tragedy, Abbott will always do the wrong thing and use it to score points with his political base.

Rand Nolen, Houston

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