Louisiana: Senate Committee Hearing “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Bill – Oppose SB 212

Gun Rights

Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 2, 2023, at 10:00 a.m., is a crucial hearing regarding Senate Bill 212, a “red flag” bill that grants the government the authority to confiscate a person’s firearms and infringes upon their Second Amendment rights based on mere speculation and hearsay evidence. Please use the link below to take action and contact the members of the Senate Judiciary C Committee to voice your opposition to SB 212. It is essential they hear from their constituents on this critical issue.

SB 212 allows the government to seize firearms ex parte, meaning that a warrant to seize a person’s firearms would be issued without a hearing or other opportunity for the target of the order to be heard and present evidence. Furthermore, this legislation permits the government to seize firearms based on a weak and nebulous standard of evidence; “probable cause.”

A person subject to a potential suspension of a Constitutional right should be entitled to an evidentiary standard equal to the seriousness of the suspension (clear and convincing) and an opportunity to be heard prior to any deprivation of their rights.

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The NRA opposes these gun confiscation orders and believes “red flag” laws are unconstitutional. We must stand together to protect our Second Amendment rights and prevent legislation like SB 212 from becoming law. Thank you for your support and dedication to defending our rights.

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