Pennsylvania: Newly Minted House Majority Prioritizes Gun Control

Gun Rights

Elections have consequences, and unfortunately, Democrats in leadership wasted little time using their narrow majority to push forward with their agenda.  At the top of that list is gun control.  On Wednesday, April 26, the House Judiciary Committee will be having a voting session on four very bad gun bills which include:

HB 338 – Reporting lost and stolen firearms.

HB 714 – Universal Background Checks.

HB 731 – Mandatory Storage of Long Guns.

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HB 1018 – Extreme Risk Protection Orders.

These bills do nothing to punish criminals or improve public safety as they focus exclusively on law-abiding citizens.   ERPO laws are notoriously lacking in due process protections and lost-and-stolen legislation simply punishes victims of crimes; people who have had their property stolen (sometimes unknowingly).  Universal background checks do nothing except burden law-abiding gun owners.  Every dealer transfer in the country is already required to go through a background check.  Mandatory storage renders self-defense completely useless.  People have a right to defend themselves, especially in their own home. 

As of right now, there is no plan to take public testimony on any of these bills.  This is a voting session only.  They plan to vote the bills out of committee this week, and then the legislation will tentatively be considered on the House floor next week.

That sounds like a good plan to steamroll Keystone State gun owners, except for one thing.  You!  We need your immediate assistance!  Please contact your state Representative today, and respectfully request that they oppose these bills.  ​

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