South Carolina: Contact Your Lawmakers, Time is Running Out for Constitutional Carry

Gun Rights

Time is quickly running out for the Judiciary Committees to take up H. 3594 and S. 109, the constitutional carry bills. H 3594 has been with Senate Judiciary for nearly two months, and despite bipartisan support and the support of Governor McMaster, the Judiciary has yet to act. The South Carolina legislature is scheduled to adjourn sine die on May 11, 2023, which means that there is limited time for these bills to be considered in committee and receive a floor vote.

​Because of the Senate’s hesitation, both Florida and Nebraska have lapped South Carolina this year, becoming the 26th and 27th states to pass Constitutional Carry. Will the South Carolina Senate rise to the occasion, or continue to fall behind?

We urge you to take action now! Contact your lawmakers and ask them to support constitutional carry and request a full hearing before time runs out this year. This is a critical moment to stand up for your Second Amendment rights and make your voice heard.

As NRA members and Second Amendment supporters, we must take action to protect our rights and freedoms. Contact your lawmakers today and let them know that you support constitutional carry and that the time is long overdue for South Carolina to join more than half of the country that recognizes the right to carry a firearm without a permit.

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​Should the Senate continue to run out the clock in 2023, your NRA-ILA will continue to put its full weight behind constitutional carry in 2024. With all 40 seats up for election, rest assured that ​constitutional carry will be a critical factor in our grade evaluations.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to defending the Second Amendment.

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