North Carolina – NRA Members Celebrate Victory, Other 2A Groups Seek Credit

Gun Rights

After this month’s incredible victory, NRA members and all gun owners in North Carolina have benefitted from the immediate repeal of the permit to purchase scheme. As the NRA’s top legislative priority for more than a decade, it’s understandable that NRA members, gun owners, and ​all 2A groups should be celebrating this achievement.

However, some other 2A groups in the state have instead continued to focus on seeking credit for the legislative victory. At least one group has gone so far as to try claiming exclusive responsibility for the passage and veto override of SB41.

Not only do these laughable claims dismiss over a decade of legislative repeal efforts by NRA members, gun owners, and other 2A groups, but they also create an unnecessary distraction. This is a time when Second Amendment expansion opportunities in North Carolina are possible, including NRA’s push for constitutional carry. We would hope that all pro-gun groups share that same enthusiasm to collectively fight for pro-gun legislation in North Carolina. 

Your NRA-ILA, and our state affiliate, the North Carolina Rifle & Pistol Association, continue to work to expand Second Amendment freedoms in North Carolina. 

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