Nebraska Legislature Passed NRA-Backed Constitutional Carry In Final Vote, Now Headed to Gov. Pillen’s Desk for Signature

Gun Rights

The Nebraska Legislature voted 33-14 to pass Legislative Bill 77, “LB 77” by Senator Tom Brewer, the constitutional carry bill, on Final Reading. This bill recognizes the fundamental right of law-abiding adults to carry firearms for self-defense without having to navigate burdensome government regulations. LB 77 is now headed to the desk of Governor Jim Pillen, who has pledged to sign the bill into law. 

Thanks to all of the NRA members and Second Amendment Supporters who remained vigilant in contacting and urging their lawmakers to defend the rights of Nebraskans. Nebraska is poised to be the 27th state to enact this important legislation. Please use the link below to contact Gov. Pillen to let him know you stand with him in support of Nebraska joining more than half the states in the country that have recognized this critical right to self-defense.

LB 77 does not change the criteria for eligibility to obtain a carry permit, nor does it affect previously issued permits. LB 77 also strengthens preemption, where the state legislature has the sole authority to regulate firearms, which prevents Nebraskan counties and municipalities from passing a patchwork of confusing and conflicting local laws throughout the state.  

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If LB 77 becomes the law, EVERYONE in Nebraska will have an equal opportunity to defend themselves and their loved ones!

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