Connecticut: Gun Bills Up For Committee Vote Tomorrow

Gun Rights

The Connecticut Legislature has had a busy year already, and gun control has been at the top of their agenda.  This year is even more daunting as we have witnessed the introduction of the harshest gun control legislation in a decade.  As legislative deadlines loom, the Judiciary Committee must make its way through a couple hundred bills by the end of the week.  The Judiciary Committee will vote on the gun legislation tomorrow!  Your immediate assistance is needed! 

Please contact members of the Judiciary Committee and respectfully request that they oppose any and all gun control.  Connecticut already has some of the toughest gun laws in the country.  Testimony earlier in the month overwhelmingly opposed new gun control laws. 

The following bills are active:

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HB 6667 is Gov. Ned Lamont’s signature gun control bill and contains everything from mandatory storage, to one-gun-a-month, to onerous live fire training requirements.  It’s a gun-banners dream.

HB 6816 calls for microstamping, raises the age to purchase ammunition, and bans body armor.

There is also one pro-gun bill in the mix, HB 6817.  It’s important that you take action today and contact members of the Judiciary Committee.

Please continue to follow these NRA-ILA alerts for the latest developments.​

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