Nebraska: Constitutional Carry Up for Second Vote in the Legislature

Gun Rights

Legislative Bill 77, “LB 77” by Senator Tom Brewer, the constitutional carry bill that recently passed the first of three rounds in the legislature, is up on Select File on March 28. This bill recognizes the fundamental right of law-abiding adults to carry firearms for self-defense without having to navigate burdensome government regulations. Governor Jim Pillen has pledged to sign LB 77. This is the next big step in Constitutional Carry becoming law in Nebraska! 

It is essential that NRA members and Second Amendment supporters take action now to ensure that this bill becomes law. LB 77 does not change the criteria for eligibility to obtain a carry permit, nor does it affect previously issued permits. It also allows citizens who wish to obtain a permit for the purpose of carrying in other states recognizing Nebraska’s permits, to do so.

By passing LB 77, Nebraska strengthens the state’s commitment to the fundamental right to self-defense. Please contact your Senator and ask them to SUPPORT this bill without amendment. Additionally, please share this alert with your family and friends, and ask them to do the same.

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LB 77 ensures that Nebraskans have the ability to protect themselves and their loved ones, without undue interference from the governmentWith the Senate’s passage of LB 77, Nebraska will be one step closer to becoming the 26th constitutional carry state, joining more than half the states in the country that have recognized this critical right.

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