“First Look” – Bear Grylls Survival Belt – SHOT Show 2013 – For the Super Hero in us all :)

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So, I’m not sure what to say about the NEW Bear Grylls Survival Belt!? It kinda reminds me of a Super Hero belt… Actually, it more than reminds me of a Super Hero belt… like the early 70s Batman belt that I wanted when I was 9, but never got.

You don’t have to feel bad for me… I did score a G.I. Joe plane that Christmas. Although it didn’t fly… no matter how hard I threw it, and only lasted for like 2 days.

Sure wish I had that plane now, it would be worth a mint!!! 🙂

So, I guess if you are going to have a real live hero, Bear is about as good as they get. And if Bear is your hero… this may be the belt for you.

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Snap on all your Bear Grylls gear and you might have more gizmos and gadgets than… well Batman. LOL…

Well kids… enjoy!



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