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In the Jan. 25 Aspen Daily News, columnist Eugene Robinson makes many of the same, tired, old arguments for destroying our rights. Imagine if he had said that the only way to stop drunk or stoned drivers from killing on the highway was, “the car, the car, the car.” Take away our cars and you solve the problem. Well, that’s what he said about firearms.

He talks about the banning of assault weapons. An assault weapon is a fully automatic weapon, and they have been illegal since the early 1930s. He talks about Uvalde, where the gross incompetence of local law enforcement allowed a slaughter. Given the time he was allowed, the assailant could have easily done the damage with a knife or club — both of which were used in more deaths in the U.S. last year than all rifles combined, including semi-automatics … or what you refer to as “assault weapons”.

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Mr. Robinson is in favor of “red flag laws.” These laws throw the Constitution and due process out the window and allow someone’s rights to be taken away simply by an accusation. So, is he okay with an ex-spouse or irate neighbor not liking him and having his column yanked without any legal process? He also criticizes the Supreme Court for upholding the Second Amendment as an individual right. He muses that right was established during flintlock days. So does that mean that the First Amendment shouldn’t be applicable for radio, TV or the internet? Even the smallest amount of research reveals that the framers of the Constitution strongly believed that as Jefferson said, “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”

As far as the NRA goes, Mr. Robinson, they have no money to lobby politicians except that which people like me donate. They are the voice for those of us who value our individual right to have the means to defend ourselves and our families. Those of us who prefer to remain citizens and not subjects. And if you really are concerned about saving American lives, you might consider writing about the 42,000-plus lives lost to fentanyl last year thanks to this administration’s open border policy and the drugs that flow across daily.

Don Cadden

Glenwood Springs

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