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Esbit Solid Fuel Cubes


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Perfect for backpacking, camping and survival situations.
Ignites easily with an open flame and provides intense heat for up to 12 minutes.
Esbit states that one cube will reach 1300 degrees.

Clean burning
Tablets are individually packed and waterproof.

One box has 12 cubes and from my experiences 2 cubes together will boil 3 cups of water in a stainless steel cup. Takes about 10 -13 minutes.

When it comes to a solid fuel such as this you need to know what to use it for. This isn’t for cooking your meal. It’s for boiling water and for fire starting.

Some claim that these smell like fish or shrimp but I can’t say the same. I haven’t noticed any bothersome odor with my use. Some claim to be sell it through the packaging.

Maybe my sniffer is broken!

These are a must have in any survival kit or car kit. For backpackers they definitely have a purpose. I generally carry at least one for the sakes of fire starting just in case the area is damp.

Extremely reliable fuel tablet.

If you don’t have a stove for these tablets you can still use them. You can dig a small trench and place your cup above it. Or you can stack some rocks. Nice and easy.

Cons: They will leave a black residue on your cup after all is said and done.
Some state that they stink but I haven’t had that problem.

Developed in 1936 in Germany, these fuel tabs are made of hexamine and are in solid form. They have been used in purpose-specific pocket stoves for decades, in WWII, as part of humanitarian packets worldwide, and for years as part of NATO troops’ standard kit. I use these primarily for the Esbit pocket stove but they also make for excellent fire starters, especially in adverse conditions. Amazon has proven a reliable source for these as well as a decent price, though I’ve found they can be had for comparable prices at local outdoor/adventure stores. I have been using these for years and have found them so reliable that they live in my home and auto-based emergency kits, my dayhike pack, and my backpacking gear. The following is a breakdown of my experience with the Esbit fuel tabs:


* Utterly Dependable – It has been found that these fuel tabs burn just as long and just as hot after decades in storage. I don’t know that I can say that about any of my other camping stove fuels: White gas, diesel, isobutane canisters, or alcohol. Any of the others would be prone to spills, evaporation, varnishing, leaky valves after an extended period of time. After years of use, I’ve never had one fail to light or burn, ever. This kind of dependability makes them ideal for long term storage in emergency kits, that you may not be opening regularly.

Prices vary but the average is around $7 – 8 for a box of 12. Look around though and check with I’ve purchased 12 boxes at $3 a piece a year or so back and I see them being offered on their regularly

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