Top 25 Cheap Items Now to Hoard for SHTF

Survival In The Wild
Top 25 Cheap Items Now to Hoard for SHTF that will be worth their weight in Gold!
Items you use on a everyday basis will become scarce if we have disruptions in commerce.

1. bic lighters
2. toilet paper
3. wet wipes
4. zip ties
5. instant coffee & tea bags
6. socks
7. band-aids
8. antibiotic ointment / neosporin
9. bar soap
10. shoe / boot laces
11. unscented bleach
12. (rechargeable) batteries / battery caddy
13. hand sanitizer
14. oral care (toothbrush/paste, floss picks)
15. duct tape
16. ziploc bags
17. kleenex
18. salt / iodized salt
19. clorox wipes
20. heavy ml / contractor trash bags
21. feminine hygiene
22. hard candy / chocolate
23. chapstick
24. propane bottles
25. liquor

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