Letters: Chaos happening at the border not in House of Representatives

Gun Rights

The word chaos has become popular with the Democrats and their media friends when speaking or writing about the recent process to select a new speaker of the House of Representatives. While the 212 Democrats voted in unison, like sheep, vote after vote, a group of about 20 Republicans who are trying to make changes to the business-as-usual operations of the House made it necessary for multiple votes that caused the process to last for four days. Is that really the definition of chaos? Political posturing or gamesmanship, yes, but chaos?

Chaos is a more appropriate word for what has been occurring at our southern border for the past two years under the Biden administration’s watch. How often have you heard a Democrat or their media friends use the word chaos to describe that obviously chaotic situation?

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas continues to maintain that our southern border is secure despite record numbers of individuals flooding into our country illegally. FBI Director Christopher Wray recently stated, “What I would say is that we see significant criminal threats coming from south of the border − whether it’s guns, drugs, money, violence.” Now that is what I would call chaos and a crisis.   

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Glenn Harmeyer, Colerain Township

First-grader shooting a teacher is unheard of

A first-grader shooting his teacher? I have to admit that’s a new one. I trust there is appropriate punishment for that boy’s parents. Let’s see how the NRA responds to this escalation in the gun wars on American citizens.

Priscilla O’Donnell, Pendleton

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