Letter: Way to promote sensible gun control in our schools, NRA

Gun Rights

Way to go, NRA! A creative way to find new recruits to your ever dwindling membership — high school teens! At the time of their raging hormones, insecurity and rampant bullying, the NRA steps up with grants to Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps programs. Teenagers!

“In order to win NRA sponsorships, military instructors who lead JROTC marksmanship teams at public high schools have repeatedly promised to promote the organization at competitions and in newsletters, post NRA banners at their schools or add the NRA logo on apparel worn by the students.”

The kids start with pellet guns. Soon they’ll want a 22. Then a 30/30 and finally the granddaddy of them all, an AR-15 assault rifle! What for?

Way to go, NRA! Way to promote sensible gun control in our schools. Way to go.

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Red Oelerich, Holladay

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