Using a Map and Compass on a Hike – Map and Compass Skills – Video 4

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Join me for a practical demonstration of map and compass skills on a short hike. We’ll adjust our compass for declination, or the difference between Magnetic North and True North; orient our map to the terrain and determine our position through triangulation.

You may notice that this video was filmed on two separate days. The first time I had some technical difficulties and left some stuff out, so I re-shot some parts of the video.

Here are a couple of Amazon links to the some compasses to check out (links support this channel):

My compass – Suunto MC-2:

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Cammenga Military Lensatic Compass:

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Also, don’t forget to check out Andy Tran’s great channel @InnerBarkOutdoors

Andy is a great filmaker, outdoor teacher and marksman. He also designed the Tahoma Field Knife, a really serious survival knife now being produced in partnership with Tops Knives.

I really think you will like Andy’s work. Here are a couple of links to check him out:

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