“First Look” – Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife – SHOT Show 2013 – Check it out!

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So Jared at Gerber was holding out on us and wouldn’t do a video “Sneak Peek” of the NEW Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Survival Knife… In fact, he was guarding this knife with his life… And it wasn’t coming out of the show case.

So I told him you guys were going to kill me if I didn’t bring home a video of THIS product… He was NOT impressed. Obviously he does not value my life as much as I do… So, you guessed it. We tangled. I went for the knife… he punched me in the nose and I put him in a head lock… and Bear Grylls came over and broke it all up…

What extreme dangers I put myself in for you guys… haa, haa… No Jared is a great guy, I just had to be a little more than persistent… If you know me… you know me… 🙂

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But seriously, it looks like Gerber did a great job improving the original Ultimate Survival knife in just about every way as they developed the Ultimate PRO.

I can’t wait to get mine and put it through our testing and see what it’s really made of…

Enjoy this short Sneak Peek….



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