First Look: Bond Arms Stinger RS And Rawhide In .22 LR

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Bond Arms has just released two new double-barrel handguns, the Stinger RS .22 LR and the Rawhide .22 LR.

Bond Arms, the go-to manufacturer of new production Derringer-style handguns, has just released two new double-barrel concealed carry pistols. They’re called the Stinger RS .22 LR and the Rawhide .22 LR, and both are a new caliber offering of existing Bond Arms models.

Bond Arms Rawhide .22 LR.

The Rawhide .22 LR is advertised as being designed for plinking at the range, or fun or varmint control when camping or at the ranch. Its barrels are 2.5 inches long, it has an overall length of 4.5 inches and a weight of 21 ounces. It has a cross-bolt safety and no trigger guard, and its stainless steel barrel and frame feature Bond Arms’ Rough & Tumble finish.

Bond Arms Stinger RS .22 LR.

The Stinger RS .22 LR is advertised as being designed with more defensive uses in mind, such as a concealed carry or backup pistol. It’s also made of stainless steel and has the same finish as the Rawhide .22 LR, but instead has a 3-inch barrel, a 5-inch overall length and a weight of only 18 ounces. The Stinger RS has a cross-bolt safety and a trigger guard integrated into the frame.


The new .22 LR Bond Arms pistols are available now, and both the Rawhide and the Stinger RS share an MSRP of $269.

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