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Statewide, voters will elect Governor/Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, and congressional legislators


Statewide races
On Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022, voters will head to the polls to elect Wisconsin state Governor/Lieutenant Governor. Republican Tim Michels is challenging incumbent Democrat Tony Evers for the position of Governor.
Voters will also choose between incumbent Democrat Josh Kaul and Republican challenger Eric Toney for Wisconsin Attorney General and between four candidates for Secretary of State: Doug La Follette (Democrat), Amy Lynn Loudenbeck (Republican), Neil Harmon (Libertarian), and Sharyl R. McFarland (Wisconsin Green Party). The race for State Treasurer will be decided between Aaron Richardson (Democrat), John S. Leiber (Republican), and Andrew Zuelke (Constitution).
Congressional Representatives are up for election. For U.S. Senate representing Wisconsin, incumbent Republican Ron Johnson is being challenged by Mandela Barnes (Democrat), and in the House of Representatives for the 7th Congressional District, Democrat Richard Ausman is challenging incumbent Republican Tom Tiffany.

Race for Lincoln County Sheriff
Three candidates are vying for the votes on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022, in the race for Lincoln County Sheriff. Incumbent Ken Schneider, who won the Republican party Primary in August, will face off on the ballot against Garrett Dinges, who is running as an Independent. A third candidate, Marlyn “Corky” Woodward is running as a Write-In Candidate.

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Name: Sherriff Ken Schneider (Incumbent, Republican)
Age: 58
Family: Four adult children, five grandchildren.
Employment/position: Current Sheriff Lincoln County, employed at Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office 32 years.
Past or present elected offices held, dates served: Lincoln County Sheriff 2019 – present
Membership in religious, service, fraternal, etc., clubs or organizations, and offices held, dates served:
• Badger State Sheriffs Association
• Wisconsin Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs Association
• The Association of SWAT Personnel
• Wisconsin River Pro Rodeo.
Why have you chosen to run for the office you seek: I was born and raised in Lincoln County. I raised my family in Lincoln County. For the last 32 years I have been employed at the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office. In 1990 I started as a Corrections Officer. I was then hired as a Patrol Deputy. I was promoted to Sergeant and then Lieutenant. Four years ago, I was elected Sheriff. During this time, I was a Negotiator, I was a member of the Special Response Team. I was then chosen as Team Leader and then Team Commander. The Special Response Team is called out for all high-risk or dangerous types of calls, warrants, and searches. I led the team at these high-risk calls. I was a Firearms Instructor, a Less Lethal Weapons Instructor, a Taser Instructor. I instructed classes for both officers and the public in what to do in the event of an active shooter. During my career, I was a Patrol Supervisor, a Dispatch/911 Supervisor, and a Supervisor for the Detective Bureau. I have worked in or supervised almost every part of this agency. For 32 years I have dedicated myself to the safety of the people of Lincoln County. It has always been my belief that the most important responsibility of Law Enforcement is the safety of the people. This means the safety of their persons, their property, and their rights. I have served the people of Lincoln County for the past 32 years. On Nov. 8, please vote Ken Schneider for Sheriff and allow me the honor of continuing to serve and protect you.


Name: Garrett Dinges (Independent)
Age: 50
Family: In 1984, my parents Ed and Sharon, along with my brothers Eddie and Bill, moved from Kenosha to Merrill. They bought a tavern in Merrill and called it “Ed and Sharon’s.” I have been married to my love of a lifetime, Amy, for 25 years. We have one son, Gavin, who is enrolled at UW-Stevens Point. My father was instrumental in getting the Corning Volunteer Fire Department off the ground, along with Bob and Stan Wendt and Gene Kleinschmidt. In 2003 my dad passed away unexpectedly, and every day since then I have tried to be half the man that he was, and I try to pass his influence on to my son. I received all of my values from my parents, and that’s what made me who I am today.
Employment/position: I began as a psychiatric technician working for North Central Health Care. I was then employed as an Emergency Medical Technician in Tomahawk. I was a Lincoln County Deputy Coroner.
I have been employed with Lincoln County for over 24 years. I worked in law enforcement for the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office as a Correctional Officer for 20 1/2 years. I currently work for Lincoln County Social Services as an Economic Support Specialist. I have learned much from these diverse experiences, and the knowledge I will bring to the Sheriff’s office from those lessons learned will have a positive impact on our community.
Past or present elected offices held, dates served: —
Membership in religious, service, fraternal, etc., clubs or organizations, and offices held, dates served: Saint Stephen’s United Church of Christ
Why have you chosen to run for the office you seek: The time is right for new leadership and direction for the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office. I believe it is a privilege, and not an entitlement, to be Sheriff. Every citizen of Lincoln County deserves to live in a safe community and to be served by a law enforcement agency that is held accountable to the same standards and rules as the community they serve.
Lincoln County residents are concerned with taxpayer dollars being misused. They are concerned with the poor communication between law enforcement, social services, and other local agencies. And, along with other issues, there is concern with the lack of consistency when it comes to the 911 center.
As Sheriff, I will examine every line item of the budget to make sure that the taxpayers get the quality service they deserve. I will restore relationships by having clear lines of communications with local law enforcement agencies and social services. I will reestablish accountability, evaluate the lack of consistency in the 911 center, bring a much-needed change to the organization, end the Good ol’ Boys Network, and bring a new perspective and style of leadership that will help bring transparency at all levels.
While out talking with, and listening to, the residents of Lincoln County, the most important thing to them was that they wanted to be heard. They want someone to listen to them! To be a great leader, you have to be a great listener.
It is time that Lincoln County has a leader that listens and can think outside of the box for our community.


Name: Marlyn “Corky” Woodward (Write-In Candidate)
Age: 68
Family: We have four children: Denny, Penny, Joseph, and Dustin.
Employment/position: I am currently retired.
Past or present elected offices held, dates served: I served for two years in Vilas County. Was Hired in Kansas as Undersheriff and later was elected Sheriff. Served in that capacity for three years as Sheriff.
Membership in religious, service, fraternal, etc., clubs or organizations, and offices held, dates served: I am Lutheran and a Member of DAV American Legions and many other organizations. I’m certified in Wisconsin, Kansas law-enforcement. Graduate of Kansas University Criminal Justice along with many other certificates too numerous to mention.
Why have you chosen to run for the office you seek: I’ve watched this election from the start hoping for candidates asking how the community can help the Sheriff’s Department and what more can we do for the community. Instead, I hear no mention of the people working with the community or County Board Supervisors. That is why I choose to run as a write-in candidate. I’m a outsider with experience to come in and take control.
• Merrill high school diploma
• United States Army military police honorable discharge
• Law-enforcement basic training course
• State of Kansas law enforcement training commission
• Kansas Association of law enforcement planners charter members
• Graduated University of Kansas criminal justice
• Basic recruit training program Kansas
• Kansas law enforcement training school
• Capital major case investigation
• Graduated from federal branding commission
And many more certificates too numerous to mention.

Race for Wisconsin State Assembly Representative for 35th District
Two Lincoln County candidates are running to represent the 35th Wisconsin State Assembly District which comprises all of Lincoln County, western Langlade County, and portions of Marathon, Oneida, and Shawano Counties. Incumbent, Calvin Callahan, who has represented the 35th District since 2021, is being challenged by Todd Frederick, who is running as an Independent.


Name: Calvin Callahan (Incumbent, Republican)
Age: 23
Family: No children/Not married
Employment/position: Wisconsin State Representative
Past or present elected offices held, dates served:
• Wisconsin State Representative, current
• Lincoln County Supervisor, current
• Town of Wilson Supervisor, past
• Board Member of North Central Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, past
• Lincoln County Republican Party Chairman, past
Membership in religious, service, fraternal, etc., clubs or organizations, and offices held, dates served:
• The National Rifle Association
• Somo Fish and Game Club
• The Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association
• Wisconsin Trappers Association
• Somo ATV Club
• Wisconsin ATV/UTV Association
• Lincoln County Republican Party
• Marathon County Republican Party
• Langlade County Republican Party
Why have you chosen to run for the office you seek: I first ran for State Assembly because we needed new fresh ideas in Madison. We needed to continue to build on the economy we had, continue to create new jobs, and continue to create opportunities for the businesses we had and have now to grow. It was also my goal to ensure that there was no reason why your kids, grandkids, and great-grandchildren couldn’t raise their families here at home, in northern Wisconsin.
We have made tremendous strides towards that goal. The last two years, it was not only my honor and privilege to serve you in Madison, but I was proud to deliver the most significant tax cut in state history, millions in broadband expansion money for rural Wisconsin, and road and transportation funding to fix our roads; I was also proud to support the most significant increase in public education funding and policies to further rural healthcare which resulted in Wisconsin rural hospitals being rated #2 in the country.
This next session, there is more work to be done; I would even argue the most work ever needed to get done in a long time. Because of our failed State and National Administrations, we are unfortunately suffering from record-high inflation, out-of-control gas prices, crime running rampant in our state’s cities, and constant dysfunction. With my experience in the legislature, my voting record, and my dedication to the people of this great district, I can assure you that resolving these issues will be a top priority.
I have the experience and tools needed to build a better Wisconsin, a Wisconsin that will promote job growth and raising families here at home in Northern Wisconsin. My candidacy has been endorsed by many other state and local officials, organizations such as but not limited to; The NRA, Wisconsin Tavern League, National Federation of Independent Business Owners, The Wisconsin Farm Bureau, Wisconsin Dairy Business Association, Wisconsin Right to Life, and many more. They have seen the determination and work ethic I put into serving the people. With your vote, we together will create a future for your families for generations to come, right here in Northern Wisconsin.
There’s more work to be done. Are you with me?
I ask for your vote on Nov. 8.


Name: Todd Frederick (Independent)
Age: 61
Family: —
Employment/position: Owner/President of FreMarq Innovations in Merrill
Past or present elected offices held, dates served: —
Membership in religious, service, fraternal, etc., clubs or organizations, and offices held, dates served: —
Why have you chosen to run for the office you seek: I chose to run for the 35th Assembly seat as an Independent because I do not feel our district has been represented in Madison by either party. As an Independent I will represent the voters, not a party. The current two-party system is not working. They refuse to work together, so nothing really gets done. Yes, we have representation for hunting, fishing, tourism, and other outdoor activities (these are important issues that support a portion of our Northwoods and issues I strongly support), but these are not the only issues important to the Northwoods.
Our smaller towns like Tomahawk, Antigo, and Merrill, rely on year-round employment that provide living wages. These are jobs that come from manufacturing and agriculture. I created and have maintained a manufacturing company for the last 26 years and not once has a representative contacted me to see what is important to me and my company.
I have created hundreds of jobs over that 26 years and am certain my company could provide important feedback to our legislative representative regarding the local economy, employment situation, banking issues, and supply-chain issues. I believe a broader range of knowledge would help make impactful decisions. Unfortunately, I am not the only company this has happened to. It is clear to me and others, that if they believe you did not vote for them, they ignore you.
Aside from manufacturers, this same lack of representation has happened throughout our district to retailers, farmers, and individuals that need services like broadband. It is not just one party or the other; both parties act this way. How can anyone be represented when representatives act like children and will not even talk to each other. Both sides think they have all the answers and the other side has none. It is win at all costs. Well, neither party has all the answers, and nobody is winning … especially us, the citizens.
Owning a business for 26 years and creating jobs takes leadership. I want to use my leadership skills to lead the discussion on how to:
• Bring affordable broadband to all our rural communities.
• Bring tech ed back into our high schools to give our students an opportunity to gain experience and skills that are necessary to fill positions in our local industries that will provide living wages.
• Work to overturn the current 1849 law on abortion to ensure women will have the right to make their own decisions on their reproductive healthcare.
• Work to bring fair redistricting maps to our state that do not favor only one party.
• Support community small and startup businesses here in the Northwoods by providing resources that can help find funding and assistance with all areas like insurance.
• Work to reduce healthcare costs for everyone.
If elected, I will have listening sessions in every town and city to hear your concerns. I will take those concerns to Madison so your voice will be heard. I would be honored to have your vote on Nov. 8. Together we can make change.

Other races unopposed
In other area races, Valerie Caylor is running for Lincoln County Coroner, unopposed, and Thomas Barker is running for Lincoln County Clerk of Circuit Court, unopposed.

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