Readers respond: Measure 114 targets law-abiding citizens

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Measure 114 targets law-abiding citizens

The main problem with the “Reduction of Gun Violence Act” – Ballot Measure 114 – is it doesn’t address violent crime. That’s because it ignores criminals who break the law and instead penalizes law-abiding citizens. A recent survey commissioned by the Oregon District Attorneys Association revealed 55% of Oregonians feel less safe than they did just two years ago. It’s easy to understand why. Oregon courts and elected officials continue releasing criminals back onto the streets while passing new legislation that only restricts the rights of good people who need to be able to defend themselves.

Small businesses are closing after repeated break-ins, vehicles are stolen right out of their owners’ driveways, and some neighborhoods aren’t safe to walk through — much less live in. But instead of addressing these problems, Oregon tries to pass laws like 114 that put onerous restrictions and fees on Oregonians legally buying firearms and bans standard magazines. The measure also calls for issuing annual reports on permit applications that give the state great discretion in determining what information to include. Will personal information of applicants be included? The measure doesn’t say. Similar philosophies led cities like Portland to defund the police — only to later be slammed with the reality that less police always means more crime.

Ballot Measure 114 fails to mandate sentences for gun-related criminals or put an end to the soft-on-crime policies that have made many Oregon cities into nightmares. Instead, it treats law-abiding gun owners like criminals for simply trying to defend themselves and their families. It’s time to stop coddling criminals. Arrest, prosecute and punish them. Leave law-abiding Oregonians alone. Vote no on 114.

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Aoibheann Cline

Cline is the National Rifle Association Oregon state director.

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