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Savage Arms has just expanded its straight-pull Impulse lineup with the addition of the backcountry-ready Impulse Mountain Hunter.

Straight-pull bolt-action rifles have never exactly been popular in the U.S., so Savage was taking a bit of a risk when the company launched the original Impulse in 2021. Lucky for them, the gamble paid off, as the Impulse has become quite popular since its introduction. However, the biggest complaint that early adopters had was the rifles’ weight. Hunters wanted a lighter option that was more suitable for long treks, rough backcountry and mountain hunting. Savage’s answer is the freshly announced Impulse Mountain Hunter.

The new Impulse Mountain Hunter is available in nine different chamberings. That includes .308 Winchester, 28 Nosler, .30-06 Springfield, .300 Win. Mag., .300 WSM, 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 PRC. All models have either a 22- or 24-inch barrel depending on the caliber. Other features shared across the Mountain Hunter line include an adjustable AccuTrigger, an ambidextrous and multi-positional bolt handle and a gray AccuStock with adjustable length-of-pull and comb height. All nine versions also feature Proof Research carbon fiber-wrapped barrels with threaded muzzles and muzzle brakes.


The biggest improvement found on the Impulse Mountain Hunter series is the weight, with changes like the carbon fiber-wrapped barrel helping to dramatically decrease it without compromising accuracy. Of the existing Impulse models, the lightest was the Impulse Hog Hunter at about 8.4 pounds, and many others weighed close to 9 pounds or more. The new lightweight Mountain Hunter models weigh 7.3 pounds on average, making them much more viable for hunts that entail a lot of trekking.


Beth Shimanski, Director of Marketing at Savage Arms, said this about the new rifles:

At Savage, we not only value the input of our customers, but we also listen to it. Since 2021 when Savage launched the first Impulse variant, the number one request we’ve received is for a lightweight version ideal for hunting in the mountains … With extreme accuracy and breakthrough technology, the Mountain Hunter is light, sharp, and encompasses all that the Impulse family represents, thus giving our customers what they wanted.

Regardless of the model chosen, all Savage Impulse Mountain Hunters have an MSRP of $2,437. At the time of writing, all calibers are available on Savage’s website except for the 7mm Remington and .270 Winchester versions which will presumably come later.

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