The Perfect Bushcraft Blanket? – Swiss Link Wool Bushcraft Blanket

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Today Luke is discussing the Swiss Link Wool Bushcraft Blanket.
Is it the perfect Bushcraft blanket at a very fair price?
Decide for yourself now in this quick video!

Link :

Price : $35

Weight : 4.6lbs

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Very beautiful charcoal grey colored wool blanket. Comes in at 4.6 pounds, and measures in at 64″x 90″ with 80% wool / 20% polyester

Durable Whipped Edges

The wool is soft and isn’t course in the least bit.

The size of these blankets are perfect in my opinion as they are wider as well as longer by a few inches when compared to the average military surplus wool blanket

When it comes to quality, it reminds me an Italian Officers Blanket except it’s about a $100 cheaper, larger and is new!

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