New Jersey: Assembly Committee Set To Dismantle Carry On Monday

Gun Rights

Anti-gun politicians in New Jersey, who were dealt a major blow by this summer’s Bruen decision, have finally come up with their response.  It’s not that creative. They are simply going to take a page out of their gun-banning neighbor’s playbook and copy most of what New York did.    

On Monday, October 17 at 10 a.m. the Assembly Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on A.4769.  After being handed a devastating blow to their agenda, this ill-conceived legislation is nothing more than lashing out at the Supreme Court to satiate their rabid, gun-banning base. 

The bill:

·       Bans carry at public gatherings.

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·       Bans carry at common public places, including:  parks, beaches, grocery stores, theatres, and restaurants, among others.

·       Bans carry in one’s car.

·       Limits carry to holster only.  The holster must have a retention strap.  Purses, briefcases, holsters without straps, and other currently ​accepted forms of carry would be disallowed. 

·       Bans carry on all private property unless the owner posts signage specifically allowing it.

·       Mandates liability insurance, which may not even be an available option.

·       Significantly increases permitting fees.

·       Increases the already difficult qualification requirements which have exited for decades.

·       Uses prior speech, such as online posts, to disqualify someone.  Who is the arbiter of what is acceptable speech and what is not?

·       Uses subjective “character” and “temperament” standards to disqualify individuals.

These are some of the most egregious parts of this bill. It is a serious subversion of what the United States Supreme Court decided in Bruen.  Nevertheless, Speaker Craig Coughlin has decided to move with haste to push this bill into law.  Please contact your Assembly members and Senator immediately and ask them to oppose this legislation!  

In addition, please contact Speaker Craig Coughlin and respectfully request that this bill be permanently shelved.  

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