PollyTicks: What You Need to Know about H-Town happenings

Gun Rights
  • You can vote anywhere in Harris County if you are registered to vote in the county.
  • 17 million registered to vote in Texas | 7 million registered voters did not vote in the last election.
  • More than 2 out of 10 mail ballots were rejected in Harris County due to Senate Bill 1 in the last election
  • Jason Lee, the son of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, is deputy campaign chair for Beto O’Rourke campaign.
  • 35 family members of Uvalde school victims throw their support behind O’Rourke.
  • Gov. Greg Abbott’s migrant busing has cost Texas $14 million.


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What’s wrong with the other community colleges?

Out of all the Community College in the Houston area, Lone Star College is the ONLY ONE to agree to participate in the full disparity study underwritten by Harris County.  We applaud this institution. A disparity study looks at spending with minority and women-owned businesses.  Originally, Houston Community College agreed to conduct a study but recently went back on its word.  Now they are unwilling to provide multiple years of data needed for the study, offering only a few months for review.  What do you have to hide? Considering we have six community colleges in the Houston area, and they all claim to do business with people of color, why is it so difficult to show what you are doing, especially since Harris County is paying for it?  Let the numbers speak for themselves.  They cannot do any worse than Harris Health which had “0” amount of business with people of color after their disparity study.

Dr. James Dixon

SOULS TO THE POLLS – Oct. 29 & 30

Churches are gearing up to get folks to the polls as they kick off a GOTV campaign during the weekend of Oct. 29 and 30.  It will involve preachers going to the pulpit and special messages for the congregations. “We intend to inspire, inform, and ignite every pulpit and person in the pew,” says Dr. James Dixon, Community of Faith Church pastor and president of the Houston NAACP.  For more details go to: www.naacphouston.org

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Last Day to Register to vote is Tuesday, Oct 11

     Go to: https://vrapp.sos.state.tx.us/index.asp

Want to know WHO is on the ballot? 

Get the League of Women’s Voters Guide


Early voting runs from Oct 24. – Nov. 4

Last day for mail ballots is Friday, Oct. 28

Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 8

Harris County Elections Administrator. For questions, email voters@harrisvotes.com or call (713) 755-6965.

Harris County races

COUNTY JUDGE RACE: Democrat incumbent County Judge Lina Hidalgo and her opponent Alexandra del Moral Mealer are in a tight race with Mealer leading by four points. Neither one of them has a lot of personality. In the Black community, those for Hidalgo talk about how she has managed the many crises over the last years from COVID-19, flooding, Texas power grid crisis, and more; while others say she failed to hire Blacks on her staff and has failed in community outreach. Although we are over a month from election day, neither candidate is pursuing the Black vote. Let’s see if it getter better in the coming weeks.  COUNTY COMMISSIONER, PRECINCT 2:  Democratic incumbent Adrian Garcia is facing a familiar opponent in former County Commissioner Jack Morman. Not hearing much about this race. COUNTY COMMISSIONER, PRECINCT 4: Republican incumbent Jack Cagle is also in a tight race with Lesley Briones considering the precinct lines were redrawn creating a district that is comprised of 53% Democrats. Of course, Democrats think they will get this seat. But election day will soon reveal the make-up of the court.


In June 2021, Republican lawmakers and officials from the National Rifle Association joined Gov.  Abbott when he signed a state law that protects firearm makers, retailers and industry groups. Note that companies that have anti-gun policies are considered to “discriminate” against the industry and are unable to do business with Texas.

Senate Bill 19: Prohibits government entities from contracting with businesses that “discriminate against the firearm or ammunition industries.” This hurts companies that are anti-guns or don’t support pro-gun companies. There is a rumor that the next legislative session may use this same type of law to block pro-choice supportive companies from doing business with the state. WOW… this is going to a whole new level. 

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