Grassroots Spotlight: Meet Georgia Campaign Field Representative Alicia Adams!

Gun Rights

When you first meet NRA-ILA’s Campaign Field Representative, Alicia Adams, you notice that she’s the “life of the party”; but when you take a closer look, you see that she loves life and friends, and has a zeal for our nation that is contagious. Based in Kennesaw, Georgia for the 2022 Election Cycle, Alicia Adams is the #1 NRA recruiter for volunteers, the #1 door knocker (10,504 Target Voter Attempts), and the #1 Campaign Field Representative in the entire United States for NRA’s 2022 Campaign Field Program. Her prior experience in sales management, business development, and corporate training, coupled with her penchant for politics, led her to partnering with the NRA-ILA for the 2022 Elections.

Alicia’s enthusiasm is a constant, whether she is the keynote speaker for a significant event, recruiting volunteers, or engaging voters at their doors. When others ask her why she is so diligent in her work with NRA-ILA, she says, “Georgia is a great state, and I don’t like gambling. I’m not willing to gamble that we will win the election without effort. Losing is not an option. I will do everything I can to have a winning 2022 election. And when we win on November 8th, I can celebrate that I left nothing to chance.”

If you ask Alicia what her favorite thing about working with NRA-ILA is, she will tell you how much she loves engaging voters and working with volunteers who have become her lifelong friends. And from the countless conversations with Georgia voters, she will tell you about the many times the voters were persuaded to activate with NRA-ILA to defend our Second Amendment. But, it does not end with one conversation; Alicia can’t wait to wake up and do it again tomorrow!

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