Wisconsin Women Speak out for Gun Safety

Gun Rights

Advocate Debra Gillespie, Representative Deb Andraca, Jennifer Hoffman-Jonas and other gun safety advocates held a press conference condemning Republicans. (Photo/WisDems)

By Karen Stokes

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Representative Deb Andraca (Photo/Wisconsin.gov)

State Rep. Deb Andraca and gun violence prevention advocates Debra Gillespie and Jennifer Hoffman-Jonas held a press conference in Milwaukee to share their stance on gun safety and the safety of Wisconsin communities.

“As a member of the State Legislator I’ve been proud to stand with Governor Evers over the past two years, as he vetoed bill after bill that would jeopardize public safety, including a bill that would have allowed loaded guns on school grounds,” Andraca said.

Andraca said that Republicans have shown that they can’t stand up to the gun lobby, not being able to stand up to keep the people from our community safe from violence.

“Tim Michels made it clear he will follow the lead of Republicans,” Andraca said. “He was so desperate to be endorsed by the NRA, he lied about receiving their endorsement in the primary.”

Debra Gillespie, founder of Mothers Against Gun Violence said Michels has already made it clear that he will not prioritize the people, the Wisconsinites, or our children, or you.

“Tim Michels wants to rubber stamp their laws that will allow for guns in schools. Michels opposes red flag laws and said that abusers shouldn’t have weapons confiscated because the victim complains,” Gillespie said.

Wisconsin has relatively weak gun laws and has not enacted or repealed major gun safety policies in recent years, despite significant public pressure, according to everytownresearch.org.

Moms Demand Action, Jennifer Hoffman-Jonas said, “I have read the reports and I have seen the statistics and they point to the same thing, common sense gun legislation saves lives. This is why it is critical to re-elect Governor Evers. He is the only candidate in the race who will continue to fight to pass common sense gun legislation, like universal background checks and extreme risk protection orders, which the vast majority of Wisconsinites support. He is our main defense against dangerous gun bills that the Republican majority tried to pass in our state legislature.”

“Responsible gun owners know that gun safety and the 2nd Amendment can and should go hand in hand,” said Andraca.

According to an everytown poll, the majority of Wisconsinites support a ban on sale of assault weapons and high capacity magazines, concealed carry, criminal background check requirements and raising the age to purchase a firearm to 18.

“Common sense gun legislation saves lives,” Hoffman-Jonas said.

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