First Look: EAA Girsan MCP35 OSP And Match Models

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EAA has just announced the Girsan MCP35 OSP and Match, two new models of the company’s Turkish-made Hi Power clone.

The European American Armory Corporation is known for its affordable handgun and shotgun imports, many of which are made by Girsan of Turkey. Around this time last year, Girsan released the MCP35, helping to bring about the Hi Power renaissance that also saw Springfield release the SA-35 and FN its reimagined High Power. While Springfield’s was a good clone that stayed very true to the original, many felt that FN’s attempt to revitalize the name with an all-new design went too far in the other direction. With an apparent gap between traditional clones and complete redesigns, this is where Girsan is finding its niche in the Hi Power market with models like the new MCP35 OSP and MCP35 Match.


Of these two additions to the MCP35 lineup, the only real difference that exists between them is the inclusion of an accessory rail on the MCP35 OSP. While rails have become a nearly universal standard for modern handguns, they’ve been conspicuously missing on Hi Powers and their clones. Not including questionable aftermarket solutions, the MCP35 OSP now seems to be the only way for dedicated Hi Power users to mount a weapon light to their handgun of choice.


The MCP35 Match retains the underbarrel frame profile of the original BHP design but otherwise shares the same features and upgrades as the OSP model. Those features include a fiber optic front sight, an adjustable rear sight, an extended beavertail, a beveled magwell, G10 grips and a straight trigger. These changes should all help increase these pistols’ general shootability. Like the standard MCP35, the safeties on both models are ambidextrous as well.


The MCP35 OSP and Match share an MSRP of $699 and are available now. With Girsan now having released modified Hi Power clones geared towards both concealed carry and competition, it will be interesting to see where the company decides to take the design in the future.

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