Former CIA director on classified docs at Mar-a-Lago: ‘The damage potentially is incalculable’

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  • Legal expert: Empty folders suggest classified docs were possibly given away, sold


  • Jackson mayor slams ‘circumstances of divestment’ for contaminated water in Mississippi’s capital


  • Legal expert: If Trump is claiming executive privilege the remedy is the documents belong to the Archives


  • White House Press Sec. Jean-Pierre: President will continue to fight for our rights, freedoms


  • Joy Reid: Trump can’t pretend he didn’t understand he had classified secrets in his office


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    Former CIA director on classified docs at Mar-a-Lago: ‘The damage potentially is incalculable’



    Warren ‘has had it with idea’ that people needing student debt relief are slackers


  • ‘This is the fight of our lifetime’: Rep. Cicilline on poll showing expectations of civil war


  • Historian: Graham saying Republicans will riot if Trump’s indicted ‘like race-baiter from the ’20s’


  • Three weeks after Trump announced FBI search he’s yet to say why he had documents at Mar-a-Lago


  • Former CIA director believes ‘there will be multiple charges from what we have seen at Mar-a-Lago’


  • Joy Reid: Mar-a-Lago affidavit shows FBI’s probable cause based on a number of different witnesses


  • Florida congressional nominee Maxwell Frost could be first Gen Z member of Congress


  • Abortion rights concerns galvanize women voters christening 2022 the new ‘Year of the Woman’


  • Rep. Pressley, former Rep. Carlos Curbelo share clashing views on Biden student debt relief plan


  • After being compared to screen legend Pam Grier, Rep. Val Demings and the iconic actress talk politics


  • Legal expert wishes DOJ had acted ‘more aggressively to safeguard our nation’s secrets’


  • O’Rourke says Abbott is ‘more beholden to NRA, gun manufacturers’ than those he is meant to serve


  • Joy Reid: Trump can’t seem to understand those documents belong to the American people


  • ‘Rubio is scared. Val Demings is a dream candidate for the Democrats’ Florida pollster says



The classified and other sensitive documents that Donald Trump had in his Mar-a-Lago office and other insecure locations could have been copied and replaced at any time former CIA director John Brennan tells Joy Reid. The Department of Justice saying that the Trump team likely “concealed and removed” classified documents at Mar-a-Lago is also discussed by legal experts Joyce Vance and Melisa Murray.

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