California: Excise Tax and CCW Legislation Fail as the Legislature Adjourns!

Gun Rights

Late last night, the California Legislature adjourned sine die, ending the 2022 session. Fortunately, despite efforts by anti-gun politicians to push through more gun control, Assembly Bill 1227 (Excise Tax) and Senate Bill 918 (CCW Reform) failed to pass. This is a huge win for law-abiding gun owners not having additional costs, burdens, and restrictions that AB 1227 and SB 918 proposed. Thank you to everyone who contacted their legislators and the broad coalition of groups working to defeat these misguided anti-gun bills. 

To learn more about the failed bills, click here or the bills already passed and signed this session, click here.

Unfortunately, this week the legislature passed Assembly Bill 2870. This bill expands California’s gun violence restraining orders to allow additional reporters –  to now include roommates, dating partners, and additional family members, out to the 4th level of consanguinity and affinity. AB 2870 will now head to Governor Newsom for his signature.

Gun owners must remember these actions as we get closer to the 2022 California elections and help support the candidates that will stand up for your Second Amendment Rights. NRA will be back in Sacramento for the 2023 legislative session. Please stay tuned to and your email inbox for further updates.

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