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Sig Sauer has just released the P365-XMACRO pistol, a new member of the P365 family that boasts a 17+1 capacity of 9mm.

It’s no secret that Sig Sauer has been dominating the carry gun market these past few years, with the P365, P365 XL and other variants providing concealed carriers with small, light guns with large ammunition capacities for their respective sizes. For those who prefer carrying larger handguns with even higher capacities, however, Sig has just released the P365-XMACRO.


Like the P365s that came before it, the P365-XMACRO is a striker-fired 9mm with a polymer frame. It shares the same slim, 1-inch thickness as the older models, but now has a taller frame to accommodate the new 17-round magazines. Other features include an integrally compensated slide, XRAY3 day/night sights, a flat trigger and three interchangeable backstraps for the Macro-Compact grip module. Each P365-XMACRO also features a standard accessory rail and an optics-ready slide with a ROMEOZero/Shield RMSc footprint.


While not quite as small as the original P365 models, the P365-XMACRO boasts increased shootability and a larger capacity with flush-fitting mags. Original P365s may have been capable of holding 16 rounds on tap when using one of the extended 15-round mags, but that makes their grips nearly as long as the P365-XMACRO’s which holds two more rounds with flush-fitting magazines.

Size comparison between a Sig P365X and the Sig P365-XMACRO. Photo:

Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Commercial Sales at Sig Sauer, Tom Taylor, said this on the new pistol’s primary selling point:

The innovative magazine design of the P365-XMACRO delivers on capacity while maintaining the slim design, making it more comfortable and more concealable than any other 17+1-round pistol on the market. 

Each Sig P365-XMACRO includes two 17-round mags and three interchangeable backstraps. It has an MSRP of $799.99 and it’s available now.

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