Editorial: Don’t need food trucks amid beauty of nature; Nuclear energy better option for clean power; Issue more complex than gun rights vs. control

Gun Rights

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In response to “Agency seeks food truck concession at state parks” (Star-Advertiser, Aug. 11):

Imagine a moment to retreat to nature, a few minutes from the city or a drive to a remote spot to a beautiful state park. On Oahu, distant Kaena Point, Kaiwi Point to the east, perhaps mauka to Pali lookout or Puu Ualakaa. Just distant enough from conveniences as you search for the views and scents of nature.

Only to pull up, park, and be overcome by the smell of chicken katsu, BBQ, garlic shrimp or fried. I forgot what I came here for: food truck!

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Suddenly, the beautiful and somewhat strong tradewinds blow. Looking beyond, scattered bits of rubbish, blown from people’s hands or the trash receptacle that was never emptied or covered quickly enough.

Maybe it would be better to keep our beautiful state parks free of anything that nature can’t offer.

Remember, what are we going there for?

Mari Hartman

Sunset Beach

Food trucks will make money — and trash

The recent endorsement by the Star-Advertiser of the proposal by the state Department of Land and Natural Resources’ (DLNR) parks division to solicit bids for food trucks on state park lands only reinforces my belief that everything is for sale on these islands (“Hawaii parks with food trucks,” Star-Advertiser, Our View, Aug. 13).

I’m not against legitimate taxpaying businesses and certainly enjoy dining at food trucks, but neither the DLNR, military or state currently monitor trash pickup along the beaches now. Farrington Highway from Kaena Point, past Camp Erdman and the airport, is a rubbish dump, as anyone who walks along there knows. Do you really expect people to take their trash with them? And how exactly are these vendors supposed to deter vandalism and criminal mischief?

There should be no commercial activities at state parks.

Susanne Chin


Nuclear energy better option for clean power

The primaries are over and we now have candidates to run for office in the general election.

Who among them will be brave enough to propose Hawaii energy independence? Will we continue to burn oil to make electricity while covering our beautiful aina with windmills and solar panels, or will they investigate a solution involving clean nuclear power?

Larry Osborn

Hawaii Kai

Issue more complex than gun rights vs. control

Recently, the Star-Advertiser ran an excellent article that articulated a complex concern that’s increasing across the country (“Firearms registrations were up again in 2021, according to report,” Aug. 10). It’s absolutely horrific when people aren’t able to worship, go to school, receive medical care or go shopping safely. The sorrow, anger and fear caused by legal gun ownership is unacceptable and immoral.

It’s time to hold the National Rifle Association and the greedy weapons manufacturers accountable. It’s time to rewrite the Second Amendment to the Constitution so it reflects today’s need for safety and protection.

It’s also time to end the dualistic thinking that forces us to choose between either personal safety or individual rights; between gun ownership or effective gun control. It’s much more complex than this either/or choice.

Solutions might be found with a both/and approach: making assault weapons illegal for private use; strengthening family and community mental health; better law enforcement (without military weapons); more character education in our schools and faith groups; and more support from government, community leadership and service agencies.

Just because it’s complex doesn’t mean it isn’t solvable.

John Heidel


Democratic spending sent inflation soaring

Mahalo to Kay Kimura for contributing to the discussion surrounding the Inflation Reduction Act (“Inflation Reduction Act will be costly,” Star-Advertiser, Letters, Aug. 14).

It doesn’t take a ton of research to understand the basis for an overwhelming majority of likely voters in America assessing that we are headed in the wrong direction.

When President Joe Biden took office, America was on a straight and luminous path to economic recovery from the pandemic, with spring 2020 unemployment rate highs of 14.8% falling by nearly half, the consumer price index at 3%, and the price at the pump at around $2.35 per gallon.

Yet Biden and the Democrats in Congress capitalized on a weary and still skittish population to garner support for the needless and inflation-inducing American Rescue Plan Act, which had CPI rocketing to 7.9% prior to the Ukraine issue.

Facing the predictable fallout with the midterm election looming, Democrats of course come to the “rescue” once again with more of the same policy. What could possibly go wrong this time?

Stephen Hinton



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