“Sneak Peek” – Hand Made Tactical Pen for a MAN’s MAN – In Honor of a Fallen Hero! Made in USA!!

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I cried when I first heard the story of this beautiful, tactical bullet pen! Serious! Having served in the Marines and being the father of only one son, I could not imagine losing my son as Jeff Falkel did. Frankly, my heart connected with this guy. And his mission is compelling and clear. So I thought you would appreciate his story too..

Here is a link to his website: http://www.juniorsbulletpens.com/

Support our fallen heroes and get a great and nearly indestructible bullet pen to boot. I have one, and it is worth twice the cost… PLUS 40% of the profits go to charities that support the families of U.S. fallen heroes! Great cause…

Enjoy… ~David

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