Letter to the Editor: Republicans and the NRA won’t protect us from guns; stricter laws are needed

Gun Rights

Per Republicans and the National Riffle Association, a good guy with a gun will be able to save people from a bad guy with a gun. Yeah, right!

In Uvalde, Texas, 376 fully-armed police officers stood in the hallway for 77 minutes and did nothing while innocent children and teachers were shot and killed. The National Riffle Association and Republican Party’s solution to this is “thoughts and prayers” and arming teachers so that they can take care of themselves and the school children.

Yes, can you see an armed teacher being able to act so much better and shoot more accurately than 376 police officers who have gone through significant training and wear body armor? Oh yes, thoughts and prayers go a long way to fix this.

Banning the sale of automatic rifles, such as AR-15s and AK 47s and high-capacity magazines, will help to solve this problem. Why are citizens allowing the National Riffle Association to have so much power?

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Vote for much stricter gun laws and fund mental health programs. Some gun owners may say, “I like to target shoot with my AR-15,” and my answer to that is “I like to drive 100 mph in my car but can’t because there are speed limits.”

Let’s do the right thing and pass stricter gun laws banning these types of guns.

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