Lawmakers Are Absolutely Trying To Prevent An Absolute Right To Gun Ownership

Gun Rights

gavel gunDoes the 2nd Amendment protect the right to LARP as Master Chief, plasma rifle included? It is unclear after the Bruen ruling. States are at the ready to see if the new, spicy gun jurisprudence the Six Gun Saints™️ handed down confers an absolute right to personal gun ownership or if it — like using your right to free speech during a Supreme Court justice’s dinner — it has limits

Moments after the justices nullified concealed carry laws in New York, lawmakers and governors in states with similar rules rushed to fortify their restrictions in the face of the court decision. Their attempts to thread the legal needle previewed what will likely be a years-long effort to defend and extend firearm rules under the court’s sweeping new Second Amendment test.

“These are not going to be our last words on gun safety,” [NJ Gov. Phil Murphy] said as he signed a separate package of gun bills last week. “We cannot walk away from here today, none of us, thinking our job is done.”

Now more than ever, lawmakers should be doing their part to curb gun ownership. Right now, the major hurdle between some freshly minted 21-year-old and a personal rail gun is not a legal difficulty. It’s rounding up about $3.5k. Until our Supreme Court stops [redacted] the NRA under the table when they aren’t too busy on their knees praying with litigants they’re totally being impartial with, it is on us to do our part in the struggle against gun fanatics. And I, for one, am a big fan of bullying.

I’m totally serious, by the way. The data shows that a good many gun owners are suffering from a “crisis of confidence” and suffer from paranoia. We may actually be better off as a society if we, I don’t know, neg the next 18-year-old trying to buy a rifle into joining a knitting class or something.

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It’s better than blaming schools’ doors at least. Damned Ted Cruz.

The Supreme Court Knocked Back Blue States On Gun Restrictions. They’re Seeing How Far They Can Step Forward [Politico]

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