Reader letter: U.S. needs to quickly address its gun safety laws

Gun Rights

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Mass Shooting is defined as “four or more shot and killed in a single event.”

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The U.S. already in 2022 at the time of this letter has experienced 198 mass shootings, 27 involving schools resulting in 140 deaths, while in 2020 having 45,222 gun-related deaths.

The latest shooting inside a Uvaide, Texas elementary school by a 18-year-old — who legally purchased two AR-15 assault rifles and ammunition — tragically killed 19 young students and two teachers.

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A majority of Americans support background checks when purchasing a firearm, however, most GOP Senators are unwilling to support this common sense legislation, while any proposal to ban assault weapons seems to gather dust.

The NRA support many political members’ campaigns. They give the old spiel, “Guns Don’t Kill, People Do.” It seems to never get mentioned how an 18-year-old can buy a AR-15 assault rifle capable of firing multiple rounds, but can’t legally buy alcohol until 21.

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Canada thankfully in 2020 banned the sale of assault weapons after a horrific mass shooting in Nova Scotia, while also continuing its stringent rules regarding gun ownership.

The public is almost becoming de-sensitized to these tragedies due to their continual frequency.

When will Americans demand bi-partisan support for reasonable gun safety laws and end the carnage in their country?

Peter J Middlemore Sr., Windsor

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