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Gun Rights

Thoughts and prayers isn’t working

Don’t punish the law-abiding | Letters, May 31

After reading another pro gun writer’s letter it is hard to believe how many of the NRA crowd still can’t get it through their heads that no one is going to take their guns away. What sane people want is gun safety not your guns. Why is that so hard to understand ?

The policy of more guns and ” thoughts and prayers ” obviously has not worked. In fact we have had 10 more mass shootings in the last three days.

I am tired of hearing about not offending “law abiding citizens” as an excuse for doing nothing. All of our kids and grandkids were law abiding citizens before they were slaughtered.

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You cannot rent a car without paying extra until you are 25. You cannot drink at a bar until you are 21. But you can buy a killer assault weapon as a teenager. Does that make sense ?

Until we as a nation can decide what is more important — obsolete gun laws or the sacred lives of our families — the killings will tragically continue.

That we can all agree on.

John Bonano, Gulfport

Dog and pony show?

Rep. Liz Cheney is a profile in courage | Letters, June 11

The writer calls the hearings into the Jan. 6 insurrection a “dog and pony show,” and then laments Democrats failure to address the real issues facing Americans. These remarks make me despair for our system of governance, which requires serious, informed voters to do its work. The hearings have already given plenty of evidence, much of which was vetted in court hearings and validated by police, that the Jan. 6 insurrection was led by then-President Donald Trump and his circle, and that its intent was to overthrow the results of a lawful election. Insurrection and treason — that’s a big deal.

Citizens who don’t dig to get past bombastic propaganda, and spend time and maybe a few dollars a month to get real news, just make politics hopeless and birth greater cynicism. Anti-woke is not an excuse for being unwilling and unable to see what’s going on and who’s responsible for it.

Christopher McDermott, St Augustine

Political business

DeSantis on Rays’ gun violence tweets: No funding for ‘political activism’ | June 2

If politicians do not want businesses to be political, they have a simple solution. They can pass laws reforming campaign finance laws and preventing businesses from writing legislation. Otherwise, free campaign money comes with strings. Get used to it.

Willi Rudowsky , St Petersburg

Trop redevelopment

Here’s what St. Pete could and should do with the Trop site | Column. June 11

Guest columnist Tom Mullins is 100% right on what should happen at the Trop site.

Rebecca Skelton, St. Petersburg

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