Rant and Rave: Frustration over gas prices and gun control

Gun Rights

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I am not a huge fan of the Orange Man but as it turns out, he was right about a lot of things.

Alright let me get this straight. Biden is president, inflation is up, price of gas is just blankety blankety blank outrageous now. I’m still having a hard time getting baby food. There’s a war in Ukraine and you wanted to impeach Trump for what? For what? Really people?

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If the baristas unionize, how much more will a latte cost?

The City of Columbia’s water division is reporting an Algae problem affecting the taste of our water supply. Really? My water tastes and smells like DIRT! Yet they say the water is SAFE to drink, meaning we’ll have to continue to pay for this s&*t. As much as water and sewage cost us, you’d think this would be corrected within hours, not days/weeks. THANKS, Columbia! I’ll send you the bill for having to buy potable water! Oh, I didn’t mention that our water pressure is nonexistent! (I’ve reported both issues)

Rave to Tim Kinley for his fascinating and engaging conversation with the architect of P-Funk, George Clinton! And rave to RCPL and Township for helping bring it to fruition.

This is a warning to anyone growing flowers or vegetables near their backyard powerline. Dominion Energy will show up unannounced and spray them with weedkiller. They killed my okra, eggplant, string beans and basil. They got every last one of my pokeberries (for birds) and wildflowers (for pollinators). This isn’t protecting powerlines — it’s just goddamned vandalism.

Planets must be aligning; something fortuitous is afoot. Yesterday I saw several cars – in a row! – properly using their turn signals! in Columbia!! I should have quickly bought a lottery ticket.

How many instructional manuals and guides for modern living that were written in 1787 do you still have lying around the house? Isn’t it time for a major updating of our much-revered Constitution that has outlived its usefulness and needs a major overhaul, including the Second Amendment, which is literally killing us.

Behold, America’s sacrifice of its own children at the altar of profitability, this time for the gun industry, one of the major political parties’ chief sources of financial support. Voters, if the Senate won’t enact common-sense firearms safety laws to protect the people, vote them out of office! It’s up to you.

I just finished my annual practice of placing my votes for the Best of Columbia, and I have questions. Isn’t it called “Best of Columbia” for a reason? Why are there nominees in various categories who aren’t local? We have great artists and businesses in Columbia that actually live here and do amazing work. If you’re going to start putting people on here from Charleston and other areas maybe you should rename the contest “Best of South Carolina” or “Best Connections to the Free Times in Columbia”.

Actor and Uvalde TX native Matthew McConaughey made a truly emotional plea today in the White House press room for the President and Senators to make the drastic and much needed changes in gun laws to prevent another mass killing event that resulted in the deaths of 19 innocent school children and 2 brave teachers. I doubt any Republican Senator actually viewed and listened to his entire presentation that included what he learned about the personal thoughts and stories from the surviving families. I cried when he showed the green Converse sneakers worn by the faceless, hollowed out body of a little girl, one of many whose bodies were in the same condition!

I’m going to tell you right now nobody better F with me right now. I just left the gas station and filled my car up.

Where can I get some asphalt? I need to fill some potholes on Gervais St.

C-Span was established to give citizens accurate and timely news about our government. I know people who watch it religiously. But their “cable only” platform is going to make it inaccessible to people who are having to dump the overpriced cable subscriptions for internet television. I hope they can expand their services beyond cable or the 3” screen on a smart phone. All citizens deserve the truth, even those of us on a fixed income.

As some wag said, Trump drained a swamp . . . but filled a cesspool.

Have you noticed? Every cockroach thinks that they are the center of the universe. Maybe one of them is.

Let’s change our violent culture to improve our quality of life. We must change television shows and movies, both of which are filled with shootings. Even babies who are not yet born can hear those gunshots on TV from inside their mother’s wombs. Shooting is normalized starting before birth!

One of my children is a crack shot. He always wanted to be armed on his college campus, saying that would be the best way to put a stop to any craziness with campus shootings. I told him no.


Did someone call Buc-ee and ask if he wanted a York county location? Maybe he’ll bail us taxpayers out.

You know the economy must be bad when Kim Kardashian is wearing a used dress.

What I wanted to say was if the NRA ever compares, which apparently they have, gun ownership in America versus Switzerland per se, specifically. You be very aware in Switzerland, if you’ve committed a crime or you have a drug or alcohol problem, you don’t get a gun. It’s so simple.

We all saw the disaster at the University of South Carolina when the governor insisted on an unqualified candidate to be president. Now we have an unqualified candidate for school superintendent being supported by Republicans because she supports school choice. Voters look closely. She has no classroom experience and may or may not be given a master’s degree by November 8. Qualified candidates will be on the ballot.

You know everybody, governor um…

You know Governor McMaster talks about all this stuff we can do about the gas tax, 28 cents 28 cents. 28 cents would make a big different on what we’re suffering for right now.

You know what you should put on the South Carolina’s license plate is the polluters paradise.

Today is the 78th anniversary of D Day. Thank you Greatest Generation for all the sacrifices that you made to keep us free. You deserve that title, you’re awesome.

My fellow Americans, for those of you who think or say that we need to move on from Jan. 6. Just imagine this Joe Biden lost and the Black Panthers or the Black Lives Matters or Antifa did the very same thing the Trumpers did. What would you think about this trial and everything that is going on since then? Would you be willing to less move on if that would have happen? If you’re honest with yourself, the answer is no. Thank you for my rant and rave.

Recently I’ve ranted that no american citizen should be able to purchase body armor, but after this past bloody weekend I was wrong. In fact, we all need body armor. Every American citizen from birth to 100 needs the body armor. When you leave your home, only God can help us. Thank you for listening to my rant.

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