Colorado: Lafayette Considering Carry Ban & Other Anti-Gun Proposals

Gun Rights

On June 21st, the Lafayette City Council will consider, on second reading, anti-gun legislation that was enabled by the General Assembly repealing Colorado’s firearm preemption law in 2021. The Council previously approved them, on first reading, at the June 7th meeting. Please click the button below to submit comments against these proposed ordinances.

NRA members and Second Amendment supporters are encouraged to attend the meeting. For information on participating in the meeting, which you can do either in person or by video conference, click here.

The texts of the proposed ordinances can be viewed here, in the agenda for June 7th.

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Resolution No. 2022-33 declares the Council’s support for anti-gun jurisdictions taking advantage of the General Assembly repealing Colorado’s firearm preemption statute and asks the General Assembly to pass more laws attacking Second Amendment rights.

Ordinance No. 20 bans unfinished firearm receivers and firearms that do not bear serial numbers, even if they are lawful under state and federal laws, with an exemption for pre-October 22, 1968 firearms.

Ordinance No. 21 requires firearm dealers to post signs with anti-gun propaganda at their places of business to try to discourage citizens from exercising their Second Amendment rights.

Ordinance No. 22 prohibits open carrying of firearms in public places.

Ordinance No. 23 prohibits carry of firearms, both openly and concealed, on public property, including buildings and areas operated or controlled by the city.

Again, please submit comments against the proposed ordinances and consider attending the meeting.

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