Pennsylvania: Gun Control Bills Recommitted to Another House Committee

Gun Rights

Gun control legislation hit a bump in the road in Harrisburg today.  Your NRA-ILA State Director attended a standing-room only hearing at the Capitol this morning and reported that the gun control bills on today’s agenda were recommitted to the House Local Government Committee.  After the hearing, incensed gun control proponents literally chased after legislators hoisting signs and yelling. 

What does this mean?  Today’s agenda featured several gun control bills, including a semi-auto ban, an extreme risk protection order bill, an attack on the state’s preemption law and a mandatory storage bill.  In recent days, Democrats have doubled down on exploiting tragedies by using parliamentary moves to discharge bills from committee without a committee vote.  They want to punish law-abiding Pennsylvania gun owners for the actions of deranged criminals in other states.  These bills are still very much alive.   However, the bully tactics of gun control groups have been met with resistance.  The State Senate also voted 28-21 this afternoon to block discharge petitions in that chamber.

Today’s meeting bordered on raucous at times.  Minority Democrats on the committee resorted to the typical rhetoric which fanned the flames.  The twenty gun-grabbers in the room were easily identifiable with their orange shirts.  They hoisted up signs inside the committee room and were quite “vocal” after things did not go their way.

We would like to thank House Judiciary Chair Rob Kauffman for maintaining decorum in the committee and applaud his resilience for not being bullied into acting to appease the mob.  Harrisburg Democrats are desperate to turn attention away from soaring gas prices, out-of-control inflation and a whole host of problems that are plaguing their party.  Unfortunately, they are willing to exploit tragedy to advance their gun control agenda while some prosecutors, like Philadelphia’s Larry Krasner, cannot be bothered to prosecute criminals and put them in jail. 

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Please continue to follow NRA-ILA alerts for the latest developments in Harrisburg.  Your NRA will continue to be there fighting against these infringements.  

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