New York: Senate Committee Adds Gun Control to The Agenda Next Week

Gun Rights

New York is doing its best to unseat Chicago as the quintessential national example of why gun control is a failure.  The Empire State has some of the harshest gun laws in the country.  While these laws successfully harass and burden law-abiding gun owners, they do nothing to go after criminals.  One-party control in Albany has resulted in pure carnage in New York, and Albany Democrats keep doubling down on more of the same failed policies. 

On Monday, April 25, the Senate Codes Committee is scheduled to hear another pair of gun bills, as anti-gun politicians continue to sell the same snake oil they’ve been peddling for years.  S.6659 by Sen. Shelley Mayer (D) is nothing more than an attack on concealed carry.  This legislation would allow Westchester County to set its own fees for pistol permits.  New York City and Long Island already do this, and we’ve witnessed the widespread abuse and exorbitant fees and bureaucracy that are simply designed to deter citizens from even applying in the first place.  Ironically, this is all happening with the Supreme Court’s decision in NYSRPA v. Bruen pending.  This case is challenging the state’s “proper cause” standard, and this latest legislative effort is yet another example of New York’s multi-pronged attack on the Second Amendment.

S.8164 by Sen. Anna Kaplan (D) is even worse.  This bill turns crime victims into felons.  Mandatory storage bills do nothing except render self-defense in one’s own home impossible by tipping the scales in favor of home invaders.  Sen. Kaplan believes that if your guns are stolen and a criminal uses them, YOU should be convicted as a felon!  This is akin to somebody stealing your car, killing someone with it, and then you are sentenced to do the time for someone else’s crime.    Of course, this type of rationale falls perfectly in line with the Progressive penchant for coddling criminals. 

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Crime in New York has zero chance of ebbing with this crew in control.  Enough is enough.  Contact your Senator immediately and respectfully request that they vote against both S.6659 and S.8164.

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