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Win OVER $450 in Survival Knives and Cool Gear from CRKT – ENTER: Giveaway ENDS July 1, 2015 … so Hurry to Enter…

Here’s a LIST of the Gear We’re Giving Away:

CRKT Outdoor Kit that Includes:

+ Wood Chogan Tomahawk

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+ Folts Minimalist Bowie EDC Neck Knife

+ Eat’N Tool – Stainless Steel Spork

+ Para Saw survival bracelet

+ SparkN Sharp – firesteel and knife sharpener

+ Nylon CRKT Bag to transport this kit

Mah-chete – Designed by Liong Mah – 17.44 inches (total length):

Saker Bushcraft Knife by Abe Elias:

RSK Mk5 – Survival Tin Knife by Doug Ritter:

This Sweet Package has a Retail Value of $469.95

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