Crossbreed Holsters Releases Springfield SA-35 Fits

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In response to the revival of the Hi Power, Crossbreed Holsters has just announced a new line of holster fits designed for the Springfield SA-35.

Before anyone could finish bidding a farewell to the Browning Hi Power, it had already begun making a comeback. Spurred on by the release of BHP clones out of Turkey, Springfield Armory decided to follow suit with their SA-35 and now even FN has responded with their own iteration. While FN’s new model has been altered significantly enough to require proprietary holsters, Hi Power clones like the one from Springfield are close enough to fit most standard Hi Power holsters. Despite this, the BHP holster market was lacking. Hi Powers have historically been some of the least popular Browning-designed guns in the U.S., but the recent slew of clones has finally challenged that notion.

With many more Americans suddenly interested in owning, shooting and carrying the Hi Power, there was a sudden big need for more modern holster options. Thankfully, Crossbreed Holsters just expanded their lineup. While the four new Crossbreed fits were specifically designed for the Springfield SA-35, the pistol is dimensionally similar enough to original Hi Powers that the holsters should be compatible with any make.

Nathan Engelking, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Crossbreed had this to say on the new Hi Power fits:

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CrossBreed is incredibly excited to see Springfield Armory bring such a classic piece of American firearms history back into the spotlight…The High Power-style pistol has been highly sought after for years, even becoming somewhat of a collector’s item. This has driven an incredible demand that we expect is going to do terrific in today’s firearm market. We are excited to be able to offer holsters for such a great pistol!

Crossbreed Holster’s new Springfield SA-35 fits are available for their SuperTuck IWB holster as well as their SnapSlide, DropSlide and SuperSlide OWB holsters. They also have mag carriers and modular holster systems available. MSRP for the holsters starts at $54.95 and goes up depending on the model.

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