Arizona: Multiple Pro-Gun Measures Advancing in the Grand Canyon State

Gun Rights

This week, thanks to your continued calls and emails, pro-gun measures House Bill 2316 and House Bill 2414 were approved in committee.  Also, another pro-gun measure, House Bill 2489, has been scheduled for a committee hearing on Monday.  Please continue to use the RTS system to contact committee members in support of HB 2489. Info at the bottom of the alert on how to do that.

House Bill 2316 expands areas where concealed carry permit holders can lawfully carry concealed firearms, to include certain public establishments and events. ​

House Bill 2414 allows law-abiding citizens to store their loaded firearms in their locked personal vehicles while parked on school grounds. This ensures that parents are able to pick-up and drop-off students without first having to stop and unload their firearms before driving onto school grounds, or deviating from their route to park off-campus. So-called “gun-free zones” are arbitrary boundaries that only disarm law-abiding citizens and leave them defenseless while doing nothing to deter criminals.

House Bill 2489 creates a Provisional Concealed Weapons Permit for adults aged 18-20 years old. Adults aged 18-20 are old enough to vote, serve on a jury, serve in the military, and enter into contracts. It is unreasonable for the law to discriminate against them by preventing them from exercising a fundamental right to defend themselves and their families.

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Please use the Request to Speak application (RTS) on the Arizona State Legislature website to urge Military Affairs and Public Safety Committee members to SUPPORT HB 2489.  RTS is the most efficient and effective way to contact committee members regarding Second Amendment legislation. It is imperative that you create an account and continue utilizing this tool throughout the 2022 legislative session.

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