Maryland: Queen Anne Co. Proposing to Restrict Shooting Ranges

Gun Rights

On February 10th, the Queen Anne County Planning Commission is considering imposing one-size-fits-all restrictions on where shooting ranges can be located. The meeting is to start at 8:45AM and participation will be available by video conference. Please click here for the agenda and instructions on viewing or participating.

Please ask the Planning Commission to OPPOSE the proposed Ordinance No. 21-09.

Proposed Ordinance No. 21-09 amends the county definition of “Shooting Club” to read: “provided, however, that it operates on land that is not adjacent to an existing or approved residential subdivision.” This restriction does not make any distinction as to whether a shooting range being adjacent to a residential area could be appropriate, such as indoor ranges, or ranges located on a large enough piece of property for any shooting activity to be far away from residences.

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Current county zoning ordinances already regulate shooting clubs. They must be in Agricultural and Countryside zoning districts and subject to conditional use permits issued on a case-by-case basis, among other restrictions. The county already has sufficient discretion to ensure that shooting clubs operate in appropriate areas, and this proposed ordinance unnecessarily limits that discretion.

Again, please ask the Planning Commission to OPPOSE the proposed Ordinance No. 21-09.

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