Holosun Announces AEMS Core Red Dot Sight

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Holosun has just announced the release of the AEMS Core red dot, a new budget-friendly version of their Advanced Enclosed Micro Sight.

In 2021, Holosun released the Advanced Enclosed Micro Sight (AEMS). The new red dot was attempting to be very rugged and durable with its enclosed design while remaining lightweight and compact. While the AEMS did seem to accomplish those goals handily, with MSRPs around $500 it was not the cheapest optic line in Holosun’s catalog. Aiming to provide shooters with the same core features of the AEMS but at a lower price, Holosun has just announced the AEMS Core.

While Holosun claims that the AEMS Core should provide the same shooting experience as the standard AEMS, some compromises have been made in order to reduce the price. Firstly, the AEMS Core’s enclosed housing is now made of “durable cast aluminum” rather than the 7075-T6 aluminum of the original AEMS. The new Core models also don’t include flip-up lens covers.

The AEMS Core includes a 1/3 co-witness mount just like the original AEMS, and they’re both equally shock-resistant. This makes the AEMS series a viable companion for most weapon platforms, including shotguns.

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Both models are powered by CR2032 batteries, but the AEMS Core is missing the standard model’s ability to also run off of solar power. Both models also have 12 brightness settings, but on the AEMS Core, only two of those are for night vision as opposed to the standard AEMS’ four. The AEMS Core also only has a 2 MOA dot for a reticle while the AEMS has a dot as well as a 65 MOA circle.

AEMS Core window

Besides these changes, the AEMS Core essentially has all the same features as the standard AEMS, including its shake-awake technology. Despite this, Holosun managed to reduce the MSRP by over $100 with the new Core line. Also available with either red or green reticles, MSRP for the red AEMS Core will be $352.93 while the green model’s will be $370.58. Enclosed red dot sights seem to be the way of the future, so it’s nice to see Holosun make their newest optic design a bit more accessible.

For more on Holosun, please visit holosun.com.

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