Virginia: Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing Gun Bills Tomorrow

Gun Rights

Tomorrow, the Senate Committee on Judiciary is hearing a number of bills affecting our Second Amendment rights. Please contact committee members and ask them to SUPPORT Senate Bills 74, 330, 364, 644, and 763, and OPPOSE Senate Bills 310 and 487.

Pro-Second Amendment

Senate Bill 74 prevents localities from passing their own restrictions on lawful carry. Ever since the General Assembly allowed them to do so, anti-gun jurisdictions have created a confusing patchwork of carry restrictions that are difficult to know and obey and create arbitrary boundaries that disarm law-abiding citizens without doing anything to keep armed criminals out.

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It also prohibits localities from filing lawsuits against the firearm industry for lawful activities. It does not prohibit lawsuits for breach of contract or negligence from firearms or ammunition purchased by localities.

In addition, it requires localities to sell any firearms they receive in so-called “gun buyback” events to licensed dealers. This ensures that firearms obtained by, or with the assistance of, taxpayer-funded resources are made available to law-abiding citizens in sales that recover funds for the localities.

Senate Bill 330 allows any law-abiding adult who is legally eligible to obtain a carry permit, to carry a handgun without first having to obtain government permission. This ensures that citizens have their right to self-defense without government red tape or delays. Currently, 21 states have constitutional carry. Of those, five passed such laws just last year.

Senate Bill 364 repeals the handgun rationing scheme where law-abiding citizens are only allowed to buy one handgun per 30 day period.

Senate Bill 644 exempts holders of resident Virginia concealed carry permits from the ban on private sales of firearms. The ban on private sales has no impact on crime and it is completely unenforceable without a firearm registry. Citizens who hold a carry permit already have passed background checks conducted by state police.

Senate Bill 763 exempts holders of a Virginia concealed handgun permit from local ordinances that restrict possessing or carrying firearms, ammunition, or components.


Senate Bill 310 essentially ends the centuries-old practice of manufacturing firearms for personal use by prohibiting private individuals from possessing certain unregulated components commonly used by hobbyists to make their own firearms. In addition, it bans many modern firearms in common use by going above and beyond federal law in defining undetectable firearms. Polymer parts are used in firearms to reduce weight, reduce manufacturing costs, and improve corrosion resistance, but they still contain significant amounts of metal. Current federal law already regulates the metal content in firearms to ensure that they are detectable.

Senate Bill 487 creates a Virginia Center for Firearm Violence Intervention and Prevention to, among other things, conduct “research” and make policy recommendations. Former Governor Northam previously asked for $27.4 million to create this Center. Rather than focus on violent criminals, this scheme focuses on firearms. If it’s anything like other “research” that anti-gun extremists have pushed over the decades, it will peddle propaganda as science.  

Again, please contact committee members and ask them to SUPPORT Senate Bills 74, 330, 364, 644, and 763, and OPPOSE Senate Bills 310 and 487.

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