Fjallraven Wind Sack Emergency Shelter Test – Can It Keep You Safe?

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Last week we took a look at the Fjallraven Wind Sack 3 which is an emergency shelter designed to keep the occupants protected from the Wind, Snow and Rain but are those claims accurate?

Find out in this episode as Luke the Lone Wolf takes the Wind Sack into the wild to push it to its limits.

Will there be a life threatening failure?

Find out now!

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Best Emergency Shelter? – Fjallraven Wind Sack – First Look and Preview

What it is : This is a Lightweight emergency shelter, known as the Wind Sack and it was designed to keep out wind, snow and rain for up to 3 people.

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Versions : 1 person and 3 person : There was a 2 person version in the past but I believe it has been discontinued and is no longer listed on the Fjallraven web site.

Materials : 100% polyamide 40D TripleRip Sil/Sil 3000 mm
100% polyamide

Dimensions : 7.5 x 7.5 x 4”

Weight : 1lb 6oz

Price : $150

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