CrossBreed Goes Purebred With The Kydex Rogue Holster

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CrossBreed has just announced the release of the Rogue Holster, the company’s first all-Kydex model, and it’s adjustable, versatile and compatible with several CrossBreed accessories.

CrossBreed Holsters got its start, and at least part of its name, from combining leather and Kydex into the same holster system. This was innovative when the company set up shop in 2005, and many still champion its SuperTuck holster, but today in 2021 the CCW holster industry is dominated by Kydex designs. While CrossBreed still primarily makes holsters that use both materials, the release of the new Rogue Holster System is a first for the company. Made using all Kydex components, the Rogue Holster System offers versatility with your weapon system, carry style and even carry position, ensuring compatibility with your CCW needs.

Rogue Holster Main

The two-piece Kydex gun pocket on the Rogue Holster System is precision-molded, providing a tight, secure fit for whatever your carry piece happens to be. The Rogue Holster is currently only available for certain popular models of Glock, Sig, Smith, Springfield and Taurus, but it does come standard with the ability to accept suppressor-height sights and pistol red dots. The holster’s ride height, cant angle and retention level are all adjustable as well to help provide the perfect draw from concealment.


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Like other CrossBreed Holsters, the Rogue Holster is compatible with the company’s wide selection of belt clip styles. It comes with standard-style IWB belt clips, but other clips available for purchase enable several different carrying styles. The Rogue Holster also comes with CrossBreed’s “concealment claw” that helps to keep your gun close to your body.

Rogue Holster

The Rogue Holster is available either as a holster alone or as a “system” which includes an attached spare mag pouch. The standalone model has an MSRP of $79.95 while the Rogue Holster System has an MSRP of $99.95. Right-handed models are currently available and shipping now with left-hand models promised sometime in the future. Without the inclusion of leather, the Rogue Holster may not seem as “fancy” as CrossBreed’s previous offerings, but it seems to be a solid, functional and versatile option for the modern concealed carrier.

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