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Designed specifically for use in harsh, maritime environments, Saltwater Arms has recently expanded its Blackfin line with the new Blackfin pistol.

Saltwater Arms, a division of DRG Manufacturing, had already made waves with the introduction of their Blackfin and Barracuda AR-style rifles back in August. Made with stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant materials, the Saltwater Arms rifles were designed for use in maritime and other harsh environments. Sometimes one finds themselves needing to be armed when near or on the sea, and the last thing you would want to discover if it came time to use your rifle is that the chamber had rusted shut. The Barracuda and Blackfin rifles offered a good solution for those who found themselves in that boat, but some boats are smaller than others. Now Saltwater Arms has introduced the Blackfin AR pistol, ideal for those who require compactness as well as resilience.

The Blackfin pistol shares much in common with its larger brothers, with only its 7.5-inch barrel length and legal classification as a pistol differentiating them. The important components have all been either made from stainless steel or coated with corrosion-resistant Nickel Boron, and the aluminum parts feature a hard coat anodized finish. The Blackfin pistol otherwise has mostly standard features for a 5.56 AR, but it also has an enlarged trigger guard and beveled magwell. Other features include a 2-port stainless steel muzzle device, M-LOK handguards and an SBA3 adjustable pistol brace.

Saltwater arms blackfin

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Each Saltwater Arms rifle and pistol is made in America, comes with a 30-round magazine and includes a lifetime warranty from the company. MSRP for the Blackfin AR-15 Pistol is $1,229.95 and it is available now, offering the ideal home or boat defense weapon for those in salty environments.

Saltwater blackfin

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