Steiner Optics Releases Predator 4 Hunting Riflescopes

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With unparalleled glass clarity, a lightweight package and military durability, the new Predator 4 riflescopes from Steiner Optics are a clear choice for hunters seeking an edge.

Steiner Predator 4 Scope Options:

  • 2.5-10×42 | MSRP: $1,039.99
  • 4-16×50 | MSRP: $1,099.99
  • 6-24×50 | MSRP: $1,149.99

Steiner Optics of Germany are renowned for their high-quality glass. Whether in the form of binoculars, magnified hunting scopes or combat-oriented battle sights, Steiner products are regarded as some of the best. Their newly released Predator 4 riflescope series combines two of Steiner’s strong suits into a single family of optics—clarity and durability. Designed for serious hunters who need a scope that can survive the harshest of expeditions, the Predator 4 series takes Steiner’s experience making military-quality optics and puts it into hunting scopes with their signature, ultra-clear glass. The result is three new riflescopes that are ready for just about anything.

Predator 4 main

Alles Klar?

All three of the new Predator 4 riflescopes come with Steiner’s patented Diamond Coating on their already HD glass lenses. The coating not only protects the glass, but aids in light transmission as well to provide the clearest picture possible. This is even more important for those who hunt at the crack of dawn or just before sunset, as the extra light transmission in low-light environments may make the difference between spotting one’s target or not. Steiner claims that all their scopes, not just the Predator 4 series, lead the industry in terms of light transmission.

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All Predator 4 scopes also include a reticle designed to assist with low-light shooting—the illuminated E3. It’s a second focal plane reticle with eleven brightness settings and has ballistic holdover compensation for up to 400 yards. It also features windage dots to help adjust for crosswinds.

E3 reticle

These three new Predator 4 riflescopes are the complete package. They’re light and compact enough to be easily carried during long and difficult treks, and their glass is clear enough to provide excellent sight pictures even at long range in poor lighting. Whether you’re looking for an optic to hunt vast Western plains, dense Eastern forests or anything in between, one of the new Predator 4 scopes will get the job done. Each Steiner scope comes with Steiner’s transferable lifetime warranty, and MSRP for the Predator 4 series starts at $1,039.99.

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